A Cultivation of Comments

” These are very good examples of creativity! I love when things are done unconventionally.   Pinterest began as a tool to collect recipes and craft ideas, but now it is a place to collect ideas.  I like it!” (In response to an article by Hannah Clark from Hootsuite entitled Off the Beaten Path: Six Unusual ways to use Pinterest.  August 7,2015)

“I don’t know that asking someone why you shouldn’t hire them is really productive. Instead, it’s just confusing. I think that there are more straight forward questions that would reveal the integrity of the interviewee and whether or not they fit with the company culture. It’s important not to baffle your interviewee with weird questions because then it makes them think that you aren’t good at managing people or that maybe the office culture isn’t good. I don’t really think that asking questions designed to catch people off guard is really the same thing as asking them questions that effectively gauge their integrity as a person. ” (In response to an article by Lydia Dishman entitled One Interview Question that will Help you Make the Best Hire.  August 7, 2015)

“I agree, having a clear, authentic story is essential if you want to reach your audience. I also like your suggestion to make a clear step to the next page. I think that people like activities that don’t have many barriers to action.” (In response to an article from Kyla Roma’s Blog entitled:Think your Business Needs More Traffic? )

“The suggestion about improv to improve public speaking really makes sense to me. It would make you less prone to nervousness because you would get opportunities for pubic speaking during improv classes. Also, you would see that potentially embarrassing yourself in front of a group of people isn’t the end of the world. It would be good for your self esteem and problem solving skills.” (In response to an article by Phillip Pape from Ragan.com, entitled: Four Steps to Conquering Your Dread of Public Speaking.)

“I definitely want to try this out now. I  thought you had to have advanced graphic design skills to create an infographic. Now I can add this to my list of resources.”  (In response to and article from Ragan’s PR Daily entitled: 5 Infographic Tool for PR and Marketing Pros, July 22, 2015.)

“Some good suggestions: try something new every week, get the most stressful thing out of the way first, being positive, exercising, listen to music, let things marinate, zoom in and then zoom out, take a break, automate repetitive tasks to leave room for creativity, focus, break things down, use strategy… all good suggestions!
I’m particularly interested in finding more ways to automate repetitive tasks. I feel like if I did that more often, I would be able to think more creatively without being distracted by too many details.”  (In response to and article from Fastcodesign, entitled:  32 Productivity tips from the Worlds top Designers, July 5, 2015.)

“I agree, generally speaking, it is better to not ‘ghost’. It is rude to leave someone with emotional baggage like that. They wonder where you went, why you didn’t respond….that could be stressful. Also, in my city, it’s a small world. People will remember if you ghost them, and that will follow you around for a long time. Your reputation is at stake. You don’t want other people to see you as a someone who just kind of walks away from problems. It’s better to just take responsibility and formally break off the relationship. It’s also about branding yourself well: You want to be someone with integrity, who is also a good and respectful person.”  (In response to: ‘Ghosting’ from business relationships – and leaving ill will behind’ by Russel Working, published in Ragan’s PR Daily on July 16, 2015.)


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