In Sickness or In Health?


According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation, most Canadians spend the last ten years of their life in sickness instead of in health.  If you knew that making healthier life style choices in your youth would help you to live better in your golden years, would you do take action?

“Will you grow old with vitality? Or will you grow old with disease?”

The PSA above takes the viewer though a moving story line.  It uses imagery to take you though one person’s last ten years of life and portrays two possibilities: sickness or health.  For example, during your last ten years will you be putting on running shoes or hospital slippers? Will you be riding a bike outside or riding a wheel chair in a hospital?  Will you be strong enough for a game of tag with your grandchild?   Will you be tightening your tie and getting ready to attend a family gathering, or adjusting a breathing tube instead? Will you be surrounded by a happy family at a  holiday diner table, or dying in a hospital with a devastated spouse looking on?

The call to action for this campaign is that you can change your future by  flowing the link to the Heart and Stroke website and finding out how to stay healthy and active early on, or at any age.

Something about this campaign is very persuasive to me.  People  already know that it is important to make healthy choices in life, but this PSA makes it more visceral and real because it focuses on the day to day consequences of letting your health slip.  The Heart and Stroke Campaign was able to effectively use their authority as a leading health organization to be more persuasive.  The viewer was given a link at the end of the PSA to access information about how to be healthier.  These things give the campaign more legitimacy, and the viewer is encouraged participate by taking action.

Furthermore, the campaign appears to people’s sense of self interest.  Everyone wants to be healthy and happy, enjoying the good times in life such as time enjoying hobbies, family, and friends.  People want to feel as if they tried to live happy and meaningful lives.  The message here is presented with a real sense of  clarity because it tells you the truth, then asks you to take action or face the potential consequences of your inaction.

Once you get to the Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation website, they give you a collection of tools with which to take control of your health and your future.  The message for this campaign is to avoid stealing from your future, by taking care of yourself in the present.

What will your last ten years look like? 


One thought on “In Sickness or In Health?

  1. That was a great and surprising blog Carol..
    You have demonstrated your idea properly with a massive dose of feelings. I love its simplicity, the unsophisticated meanings, the human touch and the visuals was successfully placed. The video was catchy and enriched your content.
    I agree that not only Canadians who should reform their coming years to a better lifestyle, everyone have to make a head start for the coming generations and think of how they are creating a stronger healthier life, free of junk food, saturated oil fast meals, and over salted processed fast food. I think it is time to stop thinking of the fast easy way of life, because it takes effort to built and invest good habits and behaviours in our children.


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