If the Shoe Fits


“Sometimes the best part of my job is that the chair swivels.” – Anon

Where do you want to work? What direction do you want your career to go in? What kind of office is the best fit for you? These questions can be difficult ones to answer, particularly for a new communications grad!

Working in an office for a large corporation would have some benefits: you could meet lots of new people in your office, each day will be different than the last, and you might get a chance to work on a variety of projects.  Also, there is less expectation to work over time.  This is good because people would like to have a better work life balance, which results in a healthier life, more happiness, and greater productivity.

On the other hand, it might be challenging to work in a large corporation  because you might be having to work around silos or office politics.  Things would happen more slowly because large ships take a long time to steer in a different direction.  You would also have to really be in line with the corporate identity and stakeholder vision.   If a highly visible corporation makes a mistake, it will show up in the media and your job might be to deal with it well, or get fired!

This is in contrast with  smaller agency, where you might enjoy more creativity in your daily work life, or at least a different kind of creativity.  The pace of change would be faster since small agencies  are able to be more agile.  A small public relations or marketing boutique might be a good place to learn a lot of new things in a short period of time while working closer with team mates and feeding on each others energy.   There is probably an element of team work and working with like minded people that you might not get in a corporate environment. However, sometimes people in agencies don’t have a great work life balance, which can be unhealthy and stressful.

A non profit organization might be a smaller environment than a corporate office. I think it would be another good example of a good place to learn a variety of new things at a fast pace.  Non profits cannot afford to hire a lot of employees with specialized skills, so employees wear a lot of different hats.  A non profit would be an excellent place to begin your career and get the skills you need to progress in your career because you have to enjoy being a jack of all trades to succeed in a non profit position.  Employees of a non profit might have the privilege of feeling good about giving back to the community in their career.  It would be very rewarding if it was a good fit.

I hope to work in a place with nice people, and where the work is creative and challenging.  I want to learn as many things as possible, and of course I want to please my boss by being a good employee!  Increasingly, people are wanting a good work life balance for their career so that they can be happy, and perform at optimal levels.

Where is your dream job?


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